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H.O.P.E. O.A.S.I.S. Parents of Teens V.A.S.E.

While not mandatory, participating in a support group can make the difference between continuing homeschooling and giving up in frustration. Support groups provide an opportunity to share time and information with other homeschool parents. In some cases, the support group will also allow your children to meet other children and join them in fun activities. On this page is a brief explanation of each of the KAHSA-affiliated support groups and the location of their usual meeting place. 

Please keep in mind that while the location of the meetings is important, each group has a different "flavor" which results from the mix of the people attending and the purpose of the group. We recommend looking at each of the support groups to help with your decision.

In addition, we are fortunate in Kalamazoo to have other organizations which provide support to parents by offering classes in a variety of subjects. The Kalamazoo Area Tutors and The Learning Community both offer quality tutoring on a weekly basis. You can find these under the Co-Op section of Local Resources.

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